statistics , question 5, grade 10

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Shadia listed her scores in 6 math quizzes  out of 10 as follows:


  • Knowing that her best score was x and her worst one was y;


re-arrange the given data in the increasing order.


  • Calculate x and y s.t. the range is 8 and the mean is 6.5.
  • Find the mode and the median
  • Calculate the mean deviation of this data set.
  • Shadia wants to get an average of 8/10 , could she reach her goal after the next new quiz? Justify.
  • Shadia belongs to a class of 24 girls; later, a new student just joined the class and while arranged in the increasing order according to their length , Shadia occupied the middle place among the students of her class, How many students are taller than Shadia?