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equations in two unknowns , grade 9, question 6

01/03/2017 Grade 9 4,489

1)Solve the system : 2) Find the dimensions of  a rectangular mat knowing that its perimeter is 240 cm and its length is 4cm less than triple its width. 3) knowing that 30% of the…Read More

Coordinate systems, grade 9, question6

01/03/2017 Grade 9 7,321

In an orthonormal system of axes (x’x) and (y’y): Plot :A(1,3), B(-4,0), and C(5,0) and draw : (d):y=3x. Verify that A belongs to (d). Find the equation of a st.line (L) parallel to (d) and…Read More

Real numbers,grade 9, question 21

01/03/2017 Grade 9 4,758

A,B,C,D are the vertices of a quadrilateral Choose the correct answer: AB =  then AB = a)                          b) 3        …Read More

Algebraic Expressions and Geometry, grade 9, question 1

01/03/2017 Grade 9 4,513

          (x>0) ;                                                          …Read More

Inequalities, grade 9, question 1

01/03/2017 Grade 9 4,844

Given A = 9x2-12x+4 and B =4-9x2 Show that A – B = 6x(3x-2) Solve the inequality A-B < 6(3x2-1) and represent the solution on a number line and in the interval form.Read More

equations in two unknowns, grade 9, question 5

5) Find two numbers x and y proportional to 3 and 5 respectively , such that if we subtract 4 from x and 10 from y their ratio becomes 2/3Read More

Thales' , grade 9, Question 1

27/01/2017 Grade 9 7,032

Draw a right triangle ABC of hypotenuse BC s.t AB = 5cm and AC = 9cm.  Use Thales to plot a point M on [AC] s.t . Construct triangle AB'C' , the reduction of triangle ABC…Read More

Algebraic expressions, grade 9, question 12

27/01/2017 Grade 9 2,114

in the given figure: x>0   BCDE is a square of side 2x, BAC is a right triangle at A s.t. AB = x. What is the nature of triangle ABC? Justify. Deduce the length…Read More

Real numbers, grade 9, Question 20

27/01/2017 Grade 9 5,949

Consider the following: Simplify each of A and B. A B C Find C if the given table is inversely proportional.Read More

coordinate systems, training question , grade 9

19/12/2016 Grade 9 2,677

In an orthonormal system , given the points: A(1,3), B(0,4) and C(-1,3); and the line : (d): y=x+4 Does A belong to (d)? Verify that B and C belong to (d) then draw (d). Prove…Read More

real numbers, question 19, grade 9

03/12/2016 Grade 9 3,818

19) Given:,     ,   and  a)Calculate each of AB,AC,DB and DC. b) What does (AD) represent to [DC]?Justify.Read More

proportions, grade 9, question 16

03/12/2016 Grade 9 1,572

16) a) Find the dimensions of a rectangle that are proportional to 7 and 5 knowing that the perimeter is 96. b) Deduce the area of a rectangular carpet of the same dimensions. c) If…Read More