coordinate systems, question 5, grade 9

26/07/2016 Grade 9 868


In an orthonormal system of axes (x'x) and (y'y), Consider the points E(0,-4), H(-1,1) and the line (d):y=x+2.

  1. Plot E and H.
  2. Verify that H belongs to (d) then plot (d).
  3. (d) cuts (x'x) in F and (y'y) in G;

a) Determine the coordinates of F and G.

b) Prove that H is midpoint of [FG].

4. Write the equation of a line (L) parallel to (d) and passing through E.

5. Given the line (D) : y =2x-3, Determine the coordinates of the point I, the point of intersection of (D)and (d).

6. Using the graph solve the given system :

\left\{ \begin{gathered}<br />
y = x - 4 \hfill\\<br />
y = 2x - 3 \hfill\\<br />

7. Consider the lines: (L): y=x-4, (D) : y=2x-3, and (l): y-(m+2)x=3; find m if the three lines are concurrent.